Electromagnetic protection of data centers

Data Centers Electromagnetic Protection

Padco is one of the oldest companies in providing Data Centers Electromagnetic Protection in Iran.
It is the main task of the padco company to provide the most recent solutions for electromagnetic
analysis and also the best equipment of the data center.
The electromagnetic protection of the shield data center prevents the arrival of radio signals from
removing the noise of the transmitted power lines from harmful electromagnetic waves, as well as other
equipment of this area, from the services provided by padco.
For choosing a suitable radio filter:
If you know the frequency range of your equipment, contact your company’s technical and commercial
unit to choose appropriate radio filters.
Completing the electromagnetic protection of data centers requires all necessary measures:
1- Radio shield for electromagnetic protection of data centers
2- Installing a radio filter in radio lines
3- Installing EMP filter in power supply lines of data center electromagnetic protection
4- Installing a wave filter at the entrance of the pores of the electromagnetic protection of the data
5- Using fiber optic lines in the path of data lines
6- Installation of radio shielded door electromagnetic protection
7- Connecting shield walls to earth connection suitable for data center electromagnetic protection
8- Appropriate correlation in the place of electromagnetic protection connections of data centers
The padco company has a lot of experience in supplying the server room and preventing harmful and
damaging electromagnetic waves into the data center.
The company has worked with highly prestigious and highly prestigious firms in the past years. Provision
of the insulation equipment of the electromagnetic waves and the types of shield of the server room is
one of the most important services of Padco Company.
The following list is an example of providing our services in the field of providing equipment and services
for the data center, as well as the server room.
Install electromagnetic protection Shield server room Insulation of electromagnetic waves

Data Center Shielding Data Center Noise Deletion RF door installation
Run the door of the shield Run Shield Run
Free consultation for electromagnetic protection of data centers
The destructive effect of electromagnetic waves on human life
Today’s life on Earth is actually immersed in a sea of natural electromagnetic fields.
The issue of electromagnetic protection is one of the most important issues in the field of environmental
health. In the last century, this environment has changed dramatically due to the presence of a wide
range of expanding electromagnetic artificial fields.
The use of technology in developed countries and its importation into developing countries has caused
its users to be exposed to harmful effects and the resulting health consequences.
Devices developed by humans based on electromagnetic waves have increased the level of nature’s
electromagnetic waves and caused some sort of pollution.
This pollution in the environment has created serious dangers in the lives of plants, animals and
Are you familiar with the use of electromagnetic waves in life, industry and medicine?
One of the important products of technology is the use of electromagnetic waves in various industrial,
scientific, medical and home appliances.
Microwaves are electromagnetic waves that have a frequency range of 30 MHz to 300 GHz and have a
wavelength of 1 mm to 1 m.
Frequency, power, electric field strength, and magnetic field strength are important parameters of
microwaves. Microwave applications include radio and television (30MH – 300MHz) cell phones (1800
MHz – 900 MHz), microwave ovens (2450 MHz), radars (300 MHz – 30 GHz) and satellites (30 GHz – 300
The use of these waves in industry (textiles, plastics, paper, food storage, wood, and navigation waves)
and medicine (diameters and heating devices) has also increased the importance of these waves.
Padco has the ability to test and measure the field strength of radio waves as well as the field strength
of magnetic waves. Accordingly, Padco has the ability to compare the level of magnetic waves with safe
levels based on the standards of magnetic radiation in the design and implementation of data centers.

What is an electromagnetic protection diagram?
The electromagnetic protection diagram, based on published documents, covers a threat of field
strength of about 20 kV / m to 100 kV / mm in the frequency range of several hundred Hz to several
GHz. To reduce the destructive effect of these fields, it is recommended to divide the centers into
critical, sensitive and important centers of electromagnetic protection by 40 to 100 decibels SE = 40-
100dB. Another standard, which is the range of the Breyer threat with 50Kv / m, is the field strength
suitable for electronic and telecommunication equipment for operation without interference of less
than 10v/ m.
In what ways do electromagnetic waves enter the environment?
Waves can enter through walls, ventilation ducts, ground, entrance doors, windows and a variety of
cables. If the center is vital, sensitive and important, we need to use electromagnetic protection
For this purpose, a plan has been devised for each part. For example, wall shields are used to block
waves from the walls.
An EMP filter is installed for the power lines. A radio shielded door is installed at the entrance door.
Beehive valves are installed for air conditioning.
You can control the annoying radio signals with the following equipment or remove them altogether:
 Data center noise cancellation filter or EMP filter
 Use a Trap Room
 Use a honeycomb valve
 Use a special shield rack in the server room or data center
 Use RF doors or shield doors
 Use shielded shields in data centers
 Use special coatings and earthling system

Defense against electromagnetic threats
Today, electrical systems as well as electronic equipment are very widespread. Many everyday services,
as well as communications in today’s world, depend on these systems and how they work.
For this reason, efforts to maintain security and increase safety, as well as the sustainability of these
systems (especially data centers and data centers), are a high priority throughout the world today.

Electromagnetic threats have in fact been the main focus of magnetic protection on critical and key
centers such as data centers. These threats can be both environmental and environmental, and can be
targeted by the enemies of a country.
Electromagnetic threats are caused by the interference or diffusion and destructive reception of
electromagnetic waves. These waves are immaterial in nature and can be emitted in material and
vacuum environments.
The diffusion rate of these waves varies depending on the material. The amount of electromagnetic
waves that fail to pass from one material to another with a different penetration rate is absorbed or
reflected. These waves create an electric current on the conductive material, and on the other hand, the
waves themselves can be caused by the electric current on the conductor.
Electromagnetic waves, depending on their frequency and power, can interfere with the desired waves
and the performance of co-frequency systems or create very strong electric currents due to having high
power on conductive surfaces and consequently destroying electrical and telecommunication
equipment. .
On the other hand, due to the fact that the electric current on the conductor creates electromagnetic
waves, it is also possible for the information inside the system to leak out by unwanted propagation and
listening to these waves, or by making false currents by these waves. Unauthorized persons are given
information in the system.
Electromagnetic threats can easily threaten the life and performance of a number of sensitive and
important vital centers in the country. Therefore, the implementation of civil defense and passive
defense measures in this area with the aim of preventing and reducing the effects and damages through
dispersal, concealment and appropriate coverage of these centers is necessary.

Keep in mind that communication systems, telecommunications equipment, data centers or data
centers in the country, whether civilian or military are always exposed to these electromagnetic threats.
For this reason, a project called “Developing a Strategic Document for Passive Defense of
Electromagnetic Threats” has been implemented in recent years so that with the help of the Passive
Defense Organization, we can overcome these threats.
Distribution and concealment, due to the lack of focus of many centers and its transformation into a
highly valuable goal, is the product of policy and performance of the governmental and managerial
complex and should be considered in the decision-making layers.
Another very important service of Padco is the provision of electromagnetic protection services in
accordance with the requirements of passive defense and its standards.
List of data center electromagnetic protection services

Pioneering Safe Database provides services for the electromagnetic protection of data centers in
accordance with the requirements of passive defense and its standards.
The following is a list of data center electromagnetic protection services that are provided in Padco
based on modern world standards.
 Shield measurement in the current situation
 Installation of shield walls
 Use fiber optics in data lines
 Implement radio shield door
 Install the filter in the direction of the radio lines
 Using waveguides in the entrance pores
 Install the EMP filter in the path of the input power lines
 Full post-test testing and evaluation based on global standards
The steps of electromagnetic shielding of data centers by Padco
Step one
Measure the status quo
In this step, the amount of structural shielding is measured in the frequency spectrum of
electromagnetic threats.
At this stage, all the holes and entrance doors are analyzed and tested.
The second step
Measurement with defense standards
At this stage, the current status of the data center or data center should be measured against the level
of protection criteria of the passive defense organization.
After this step is implemented, the difference between the current situation and the passive defense
standards is extracted.
The third step
Design appropriate to the standard situation
In this step, with engineering and optimized methods, we bring the ratio of the current situation to the
standard situation.

At this stage, all data center shielding requirements are considered for the design and implementation
of the data center.

Step 4
Run the data center standard
In this step, we approach the standard level by implementing protection strategies including: wall
shield with steel sheet or aluminum sheet layers, installing filters in the pores and correcting the
condition of the entrance doors.
Step 5
Data Center testing and delivery
At this stage, the generator signal and the antenna are placed between the centers. The Spectrum
Analyzer is then measured inside with a frequency switch, the amount of shield inside the server room
or data center.
Padco Company, one of the pioneers in the installation, implementation and sale of electromagnetic
protection equipment in data centers and server rooms, announces its readiness to meet the needs of
all companies throughout Iran.
We are prepared to provide a variety of shielding services, shield racks, shield tents, construction of
protective enclosures, alarm sensors for electromagnetic threats and installation of electromagnetic
At the beginning of each electromagnetic shielding project of the data center or server room, the sites of
penetration of electromagnetic waves are first measured by Padco’s state-of-the-art equipment. Then,
depending on the intensity of the internal and external electric field, the amount of shield will be
Generally, the penetration points are walls, air vents and windows, entrance doors, receiving antennas,
ground or electrical power lines.
After the calculation, the design of the shielding will be done and the implementation of
electromagnetic shielding will be done according to international standards.