Today, different groups are at risk of death and physical injury from explosive traps, bombs and landmines. Including people like farmers, children living and playing in the area of danger, and those sent to clear these areas. damage caused by bombs, explosive traps, and mines results in long-term disability and care, and costs a great deal to heal people (It costs $ 300 billion and takes thousands of years).

Global statistics show anti-personnel landmine, bombs and explosive traps casualties kill thousands of people and injure Hundreds of thousands of people each month that the majority of the injured live in rural areas and the lack of medical facilities increases the mortality rate in these areas.

The mines, bombs and explosive traps do not differentiate between the military and civilians, and remain dangerous after the conflict, leaving the land uninhabitable and unusable for a long time. these dangers have caused these areas to face major problems in resettlement, agriculture and tourism.

Following the preliminary explanations above we are proud to announce that PADCO company after years of research and effort, has succeeded in launching a device called the destroyer all kinds of explosive traps, bombs and mines.

The product was developed by Iranian experts to quickly disable and destroy all types of mines, explosive traps, and bombs, and all testing procedures have been successfully completed. the scope of application of the product is as follows:

  1. Complete water destroyer by high-pressure water jet for suspicious explosive packages and traps such as: bags, cartons, metal or wooden boxes, luggage, etc. in a fraction of a second (In a fraction of a second, it completely destroys the explosive device without allowing the detonator to operate)
  2. Complete water destroyer by high-pressure water jet for unused detonators in a variety of bombs and other ammunition in a fraction of a second

General and technical features of the product:

  • Deployment time :7min
  • Powered by electrically initiated cartridge
  • Laser sights and lighting
  • High strength polymer case
  • Very easy training
  • Deploys on a lightweight tripod
  • Fully adjustable tripod can be adjusted up, down, left, right, angle up, angle down
  • Available with plunger, closure rupture disk and caseless cartridges on separately
  • Precision gun drilled and honed to a mirror finish for improved accuracy
  • Accessories for tactical deployments: disrupting, cutting and breaking by steel slug, street chisel and cutting fork
  • Very powerful reusable disruptor for use in a wide variety of roles
  • Stainless steel barrel for strength and durability, corrosion resistant chamber
  • DZ1 has been approved for use by explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) teams
  • Ideal for lightweight and special forces type applications
  • Muzzle velocity: 600m/s
  • Energy: 18000j
  • Bore: 18.5mm
  • Weight: 8.5kg
  • Tripod Weight: 2.5kg
  • Full Kit Weight: 21kg
  • Recoilless: 100%

Padco Company is ready to deliver this unique product to all organizations and companies all over the world

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