Pishgaman Amn Dadehayeh Payedar Company has partnered with a team of established and organized experts to respond to the requirements of the country’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT). At present, using the most experienced and dedicated experts in sections of the counseling, design and construction of data centers, Launch of the electromagnetic protection system of data centers (Grounding, Bonding and Shielding), Supply of hardware and specific software IT equipment, Provide IBM AIX training, Support all types of computer networks and IBM Mainframe equipment. Within a short time this company is known as one of the active companies in the field of IT. Company executives believe that customers are the most valuable assets of the company Therefore, they have tried to respect three principles of honesty, quality and speed to Provide customer satisfaction as an aim in their activities and by preserving the values in a professional business, they will offer their products and services at competitive prices.

The products offered by the company in different sectors are:

1 – Shielding Division and Electromagnetic Protection of Data Centers:

RF Doors – Types of single-phase and three-phase filters for data center’s feed lines (EMP Filter and EMI Filter) – Waveguide filter – Honeycomb filter – RF Rack – RF Box –

2 – Network Passive Section:

Provide a variety of network passive equipment with various brands

3 – Network Active Section:

Types of HP, IBM, SUN servers … – Types of Cisco Routers and Cisco Switches – Types of storage equipment for HP, IBM and etc.

4 – Enterprise Equipment section:

Types of IBM Mainframe Processors in zSeries Category – Types of IBM Power – Types of HDS Hitachi – Types of IBM Infoprint’s Laser Printers – Supply specific parts for IBM Mainframe and HDS Hitachi

5 – Section of Video surveillance and security equipment:

Types of Analog and Digital Surveillance Cameras (SUNEL and HDPRO) – A unique product called “Didehban “, made by the company (for places where CCTV can not be installed)

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