padco Company was established and organized with the aim of meeting the needs in the field
of information and communication technology and with the cooperation of a group of activists
with a history of using the best experts and committed experts in the field of consulting. Design
and construction of data centers, launch of data center electromagnetic protection system
(Grounding, Bonding and Shielding), provision of special hardware and software for information
technology equipment, providing IBM AIX operating system training, support for various
computer networks and IBM Mainframe equipment In a short time as one of the companies
active in the field IT is well known. Believing that customers are the most valuable assets of the
company, the company's managers have tried to put customer satisfaction and attention to
three principles of honesty, quality and speed, customer satisfaction at the top of their
activities and maintaining the necessary values ​​in a professional business. , Offer their services
and products at competitive prices.

The products that can be offered by the company in different sections are :

RF or Shield Door – Types of single-phase filters for three-phase data center lines (EMP and EMI)
– Waveguide filter – Honeycomb filter or honeycomb valve filter – Shield rack types – Shield box

A variety of passive network equipment with different brands

Types of HP, IBM, SUN and… servers – Types of Cisco routers and switches – Types of HP, IBM
and other information storage devices

ZBeries IBM Mainframe Processors – IBM Power Processors – Hitachi Data Storage Equipment –
IBM Infoprint Laser Printers – IBM Mainframe and HDS HITACHI

Types of analog and digital CCTV cameras SUNEL and HDPRO – the company's unique product
watch (for places where it is not possible to install CCTV cameras)